How to kill a mosquito

How to kill a mosquito at 30 feet

Interesting question… Are we talking vaporize, ignite, or heat up until death for the mosquito? I’ll assume we want to minimize damage to surroundings so let’s just heat them up till they stop functioning. We’d need to figure out the temperature at which a majority of mosquitos will die. Since they seem to love hot weather, let’s assume we need to hit 100°C for them to fry. Estimating the average absorption coefficient for a mosquito when illuminated with the spectrum of your favorite LED source (50% of incident radiative power absorbed?), cross sectional area presented to the beam (1mm2?), and mosquito heat capacity (likely somewhere near that of water, 75.3 J/mol.K), and average weight (2.5mg).Another limiting factor will likely be time-on-target for the beam. According to Wolfram Alpha the max speed of a mosquito is 1.4km/h or 0.39m/s, which means a transit time of 0.26second to fly through a 10cm diameter beamFrom 2,3,4 we can determine the radiometric power needed.

Solar Decathlon

Solar Decathlon

The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon is a collegiate competition made up of contests that challenge student teams to design and build full-size, solar-powered houses. The winner of the competition is the team that best blends design excellence and smart energy production with innovation, market potential, energy and water efficiency. Simply put, there’s nothing else like it. In 2009, we installed a low voltage distribution system to control the lighting and peripherals in the Alberta/University of Calgary entry. Team Alberta came in 6th place out of 20 contestants.

Jode Himann

Do you need a personality disorder to be innovative?

I connected with a wonderful artist Igor Morski and asked him to create an image of a person who wrestled with the balance between qualitative and quantitative decision making. This is the image that he came up with. Awesome! Igor Morski is a Polish graphic designer, illustrator and set designer. Presently, he focuses on mixed media graphic art, based mainly on photo manipulation, drawing and more recently 3D work. He graduated with honors from the Interior Architecture and Industrial Design Faculty at the State Higher School of Fine Art in Poznań (now the University of Arts). In the late 80’s and early 90’s he worked for public broadcasting company Polish Television creating set design for TV theatre, culture and commentary shows.

Scott Riesebosch

Farewell Scott Riesebosch

Scott Riesebosch has given much to CRS in his 18 years as president and chief technical officer. We wish him the all the best in his exciting venture as the president of Tailwind. Scott has a degree in electrical engineering from McMaster University and has been designing and manufacturing high output LED light engines and luminaries since 1998 when the first high output LEDs came to market. He has been a speaker at a number of conferences, educating businesses and consumers in an effort to assist them in making better and informed purchasing decisions regarding LED technology. His involvement in LED lighting applications, include military, aviation, medical, retail signage, automotive, flashlights, emergency vehicles, architectural, underwater, theatrical, street lighting, and fluorescent tube replacements.


We’re on top of the mountain!

We purchased a 100-acre parcel (along with mineral rights) on the top of a mountain. Our hope is to build a little hut, high up in the alpine. The Outback Adventure property which overlooks Kokanee Glacier and is close to Valhalla Provincial Park, offers an amazing 360º view from a 7,500 foot elevation. It is a prime area for down hill skiing, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, exploring for gold/silver and snowmobiling. The forest vegetation is a diverse, dense mix of species with cedar and hemlock being the most common. The park supports important populations of mountain goat, and grizzly bear along with most other locally common species of large and small animals. Alpine ptarmigans and golden eagles are favoured birds to watch when hiking.

Revelstoke Wetland

We Bought a Marsh!

The Revelstoke Wetland is a wonderful riparian area full of migrating birds and biodiversity. Peach trees and turtles can live happily around huge mountains that offer some of the best snow and skiing in the world. We are honoured to become the custodians of this amazing natural wonderland. Our intention is to hold on to the beautiful land until we can find out how to support it and situation in the best way. If nothing else, we could donate the land back to the municipality for preservation. That said, ideas are welcome!