Image 1.0. A macro image of a fly melted into acrylic. Notice the fly wings and hair are undamaged despite the high optical radiation.

Optical Ignition: From Bottled Water to LED Luminaires

Hazardous location environments carry a high risk of explosion due to the presence of flammable and

Thermal Battery

Thermal Batteries: Can You Help Me Potentially Save a Billion Human Lives? Global Warming and Infrared LEDs.

In January 2016 NASA put out a call for engineers to design an impossible light fixture that produced

Voter Pole

Voting Pole

The Voting Pole is an outdoor, digital polling station that offers voters a new level of voter security

Starting a fire with a bottle of water and other disasters

Did you know that incandescent lightbulbs can reach 100 degrees Celsius or more? They can heat paper