The Democratic Quality Vector and the New Social Agreement

The Democratic Quality Vector spans politics, history, culture, progress, revolution, epistemology as well as biology, sociology, neuroscience, mathematics and even psychedelic drugs

6D Mathematics: Laws of Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Social Science

Investigating a new 6 dimensional flat spacetime model with 3 spatial and 3 temporal dimensions

Vector Parameterized Health Information System

References of the Democratic Quality Vector Book, which explores democracy and mathematics and how when combined, they can change the world as we know it.


Wireless communications are the nerve fibres carrying all the IoT and camera data from IntelliPoles into Nemacloud, the brain of your superorganism. This is where all the magic happens.  Nemacloudsoftware is the brain that unleashes the power of machine intelligence to create a human-centric HMI paradigm.


It is an outdoor lighting pole designed for the most extreme operating conditions which converges inputs such as IoT sensors, cameras, microphone, and outputs control signals, lighting, audio, video output, and human recommendations.

Image 1.0. A macro image of a fly melted into acrylic. Notice the fly wings and hair are undamaged despite the high optical radiation.

Optical Ignition: From Bottled Water to LED Luminaires

Hazardous location environments carry a high risk of explosion due to the presence of flammable and explosive substances which can range from combustible gas to fine airborne, particulate matter.