The Democratic Quality Vector and the New Social Agreement

The Democratic Quality Vector spans politics, history, culture, progress, revolution, epistemology as well as biology, sociology, neuroscience, mathematics and even psychedelic drugs

Image 1.0. A macro image of a fly melted into acrylic. Notice the fly wings and hair are undamaged despite the high optical radiation.

Optical Ignition: From Bottled Water to LED Luminaires

Hazardous location environments carry a high risk of explosion due to the presence of flammable and explosive substances which can range from combustible gas to fine airborne, particulate matter.

Thermal Battery

Thermal Batteries: Can You Help Me Potentially Save a Billion Human Lives? Global Warming and Infrared LEDs.

In January 2016 NASA put out a call for engineers to design an impossible light fixture that produced zero heat. This was because excess heat on a space ship is always a potential catastrophe.

Voter Pole

Voting Pole

The Voting Pole is an outdoor, digital polling station that offers voters a new level of voter security

Starting a fire with a bottle of water and other disasters

Did you know that incandescent lightbulbs can reach 100 degrees Celsius or more? They can heat paper to temperatures beyond 200 degrees, if placed carelessly. The filament temperature can become exponentially hotter than that, with temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees Celsius. No wonder they cause fires.