Hello, I’m Jode

Jode Himann is a big thinker with a passion for physics, biology, maths & philosophy. He has won numerous innovation and entrepreneurship based awards. In 2003 he started Nemalux, a leading-edge technology company who have done work for likes of NASA and Bombardier. He has also published books on topics of 6D mathematics; and a form of true democracy and how the combination can change the world as we know it.

Jode leads the cutting edge research and development team that keeps Nemalux Inc at the forefront of the industrial LED lighting industry. Nemalux take things to the extreme, creating solutions that withstand the harshest environments to cater for a multitude of different industry needs. Nemalux R&D pushes the boundaries with spectrum engineering for a wide variety of wavelength specific designs, with applications that include hazardous location, marine, food processing underwater, high dust, horticultural, space, photonics research and more. Nemalux Research has taken things to the next level with the development of smart lighting that includes IoT, hi-speed, wide area Wi-Fi and cloud intelligence.

Innovation is a high priority at Nemalux. Nemalux was created within a culture of innovation; identifying and responding to nascent market forces long before they become trends. We provide innovative and successful solutions to our customers, and have developed a full line of LED products, which continues to be on the leading edge. Our mission statement is “Incorporating the science of photonics and solid state technology, we at Nemalux Inc. will provide innovative lighting solutions of excellent quality to customers worldwide.” This is a reflection of our technical innovation fundamentals. Being able to do what we love is never taken for granted, by combining the art of science, physics and philosophy there is never a dull moment.

“I love ideas and have a real commitment to plumbing the depths of human thought. Luckily, I have a work ethic and a dose of practicality to make these ideas a reality.  I agree with many, that if we can find a way for our philosophers to be involved in decision making and creation, we will be better off as a society. Ideation, trend mapping, cross discipline and visionary, philosophers challenge the underlying assumptions of a business culture and choose to pursue a life of the mind.

This work is dedicated to those brave souls who live by their hearts, and who trust their intuitions to light their dark path. My admiration goes out to the individuals who feel a burning passion to share their intuitive knowledge for the greater good, yet struggle against all odds to express their truth. To know something deeply of this world, and to convey that knowledge are two separate things. And to those who cannot well combine the two. Society can exact cruel punishment upon those with an inability to articulate their treasured, intuitive knowledge. What can be lonelier than a heart yearning to share and contribute, only to be misunderstood and cast out? Only those with the strongest constitution can survive the subsequent burden of inner strife, confusion, judgment, dismissal or disdain. How many have wandered through life looking for a sympathetic ear have died bankrupted, taking their untold treasures to their graves? Written history is littered with many such lives, and in unwritten history, lost forever to time.

Once a person has intuitively grasped a part of nature’s expansive untold story with unwavering certainty, as when a secret is whispered into one’s ears, nothing else matters. One is seized with an overpowering force propelling one to follow the arc that all great thinkers, inventors and scientists have followed. This drive to tell nature’s untold story takes on a life of its own and becomes one’s raisin d’etre. Those men and women, I admire the most, who have been privileged to partake in nature’s secret revelations, have had their lives fatefully and permanently altered. They only knew relief when that story can be told.

No man is an island. We are, each and every one of us beings, and from the moment of birth, our very survival is dependent on our social bonds with others. This odyssey is a life milestone and it could not have come about without the support of an entire network of people. While I make special mention of these few who put in exceptional effort and creativity in this short acknowledgement, those many others who helped greatly on this journey know who you are, and you are highly valued.”

Our Team

Dr. Brett Teeple

The Legend”, Physics, Mathematics, Autism, Unusual, Different, Politics, Brilliance, Clarity, Genius, Fun, Interesting, Cool Caltech, PhD.

Gien Varney-Wong

Philosophy, Music, Physics, Math, Buddhism, Manufacturing, Electronics, Healthy, Brilliant, Empathy, Sympathy, Articulate, Energetic, Amazing, Beautiful.

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