Contract Manufacturing

New Product Development

We leverage our industry and supply chain expertise to custom build an OEM luminaire to meet your specific requirements, providing a complete service including concept, design, certification, final manufacturing & documentation.

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Demanding Specifications

We offer complete turnkey luminaire design to our clients including: conceptualization, lighting modeling, engineering, industrial design, prototype and custom manufacturing, logistics, certification, sourcing, distribution, private labeling and warehousing.

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Manufacturing Capabilities

CRS Electronics has extensive experience in designing luminaires for a range of extreme environments. Some of our areas of specialty include extreme encapsulation; custom mounting; control, smart lighting & IoT and solar lighting packages.

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Design by Industry

Our rugged designs have been developed to operate and withstand the elements of a diverse array of extreme environments.

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Design by Function

We focus on spectrum engineering for a wide variety of wavelength specific designs, applications include lighting for health, agriculture, UV and many more; as well as complete color changing solutions.

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Onsite and Building Design

We offer complimentary lighting audits with no obligation. We can work with you to create lighting layout designs for everything from sports stadiums, transportation facilities to other large lit spaces.

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