Industrial Luminaire

Extremely durable and water tight

This fixture is able to withstand the most demanding environments, it was designed as a hazardous location, light weight linear strip luminaire with a projected lifespan of 100,000 hours. Multiple lengths, optics and mounts make it a long term solution to area lighting in mining applications.

The luminaire was created in a general purpose or Class 1 Div. 2 for hazardous locations. With AC and DC options, the GS can easily be wired into existing facilities or used in remote solar lighting applications. Using industry leading manufacturing practices, our engineers and industrial designers created a fixture that transfers heat away from the LEDs to the enclosure via the metal core PCB. This optimizes the operating temperature, maximizes efficiency, and increases the longevity of the components. The luminaire comes with a field adjustable end bracket or may be flush mounted to surfaces or ceilings using carriage bolts. With wide or narrow beam profiles, multiple lengths and colour options, the luminaire provides a long term solution for linear strip lighting applications.


  • Vehicle/equipment cabins
  • Indoor building lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Solar/remote lighting
  • Tunnel lighting
  • Outdoor, harsh/rough usage environments


  • Extremely robust
  • Thermally managed for longevity
  • Easy field angle adjustment
  • -40 to +65°C (AC) | -40 to +60°C (DC)operating range
  • Sealed to IP66/67 Marine Outside type (Salt Water)
Industrial Luminaire Application
Industrial Luminaire in tunnel
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